Be a Volunteer

Asian Press Institute (API) is an independent, voluntary, internationally operated, web based organization, established with the primary objective of voicing out the voices of the poor, vulnerable, discriminated women, young girls and girl children, and any other issues and social discourses relating to them, through writing to bring social change.

API is eager to have volunteers who could make use of their free time to contribute towards social change by joining the API Voluntary Team, under any of the following categories;


Admin Volunteers – Those who have the interest to get involved in administrative functions


Community Volunteers – Those who have the interest to mingle with different communities in your country, to encourage them to join API; to encourage them to bring out their voices; to facilitate them in writing and voicing out the unheard stories.


Language Volunteers – Those who have the interest and the required skills in translating writings from a particular language to English

Web Volunteers – Those who have the interest and the required conceptual and technical skills to develop and / or upgrade and maintain the API web site.


Research Volunteers – Those who are able to gather information and conduct research on selected thematic areas / issues.

Editing Volunteers – Those who have the academic background and professional skills in editing


Campaign Volunteers – Those who have the ability to organize and hold campaigns to encourage and involve women in bringing their voices to be heard

Digital Volunteers – Those who could provide related photographs and video documentaries.

API believes that the contribution of each and every individual will accelerate its journey.

Individuals and Organizations, who are interested to join hands with API as Volunteers to awake our globe, in order to bring social change to the lives of women, young girls and girl children and to the globe itself, please email your interests to API Programme Officer at

Awake up; Awake the Globe; for a Social Change.

Thank you!

Asian Press Institute