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Asian Press Institute (API) is an independent, voluntary, internationally operated, web based organization, established with the primary objective of voicing out the voices of the poor, vulnerable, discriminated women, young girls and girl children, and any other issues and social discourses relating to them, through writing to bring social change.

The API invites you – women from all around the globe, to share what you opt to share, with the world community through the API wire, under its six colour wires: Women and Art & Culture, Women and Business, Women and Development, Women and Human Rights, Women and Politics, and Women and Science & Technology.

You may not need to be a experienced writer or a journalist, you may be a community leader, social change maker, researcher, humanitarian worker, human rights activist, journalist, academic, development practitioner, local politician, anti corruption worker, teacher or a professional; only qualification we need to have here to be a writer, is our commitment, courage and confidence to bring justice, peace and development to women, young girls, children; and finally to the society we are living in.  The API will work with you to bring your voices throughout the globe.

If you are interested to join hands with API, please write to us with your details, your interest, and your topic of the writing with a brief narrative to API Programme Officer at Once this is received, the API will send you the writing ethics and guides, and confirmation to continue with your writing. The API editorial team would work with you to develop the writing to meet your objectives as well as the API standards and ethics.

Please share this message with all your female friends and colleagues inviting them to join API; and to your male friends asking them to share this with their, mothers, sisters, wife, daughters and girl-friend.

The API team invites you to bring out your voices through the API web wire.

Awake up; Awake the Globe; for a Social Change.

Thank you

Asian Press Institute

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