It began with A Voice. A voice of a woman who believed, that a new world could be created by uniting women across oceans. Asian Press Institute is not only a long dreamt dream, but also an innovation towards change, which took its form in the year 2012.  The Asian Press Institute was conceived  with the primary objective of voicing out the voices of the poor, vulnerable, deprived, discriminated girl children, young girls and women around the globe, through journalism and writing.

Women, young girls and girl children are the most vulnerable during any situation occurring around the world. Let it be natural disasters, conflicts, development, economic crisis or political crisis, it is the woman who faces the utmost complexity and disturbance. Hence, the API aims to support and strengthen women through inspiring and active women voices that would globally reach different communities, authorities and duty bearers, and to initiate new avenues for change.

The Asian Press Institute is a non – profit, independent, web based organization that is wired to bring change with its motto  ‘’Wake Up! Awake the Globe!! for a social change’’.

Wires are flexible. Wires can be stretched. Wires protect its substance within it. Wires when connected produce energy. Wires support transformation.

The Asian Press Institute connects the globe with its six colour wires,
1.    Women and Art & Culture
2.    Women and Business
3.    Women and Development
4.    Women and Human Rights
5.    Women and Politics
6.    Women and Science & Technology