API Board

Member | Valeria M. Busin


Valéria Melki Busin is a University Professor at the University of the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil. She holds a Ph.D. in Sciences from the Social Psychology Programme of the Institute of Psychology at the University of São Paulo (USP). Her Ph.D. thesis was one of those contemplated for the Thesis Award USP -2016, receiving an honorable mention for the 2nd place in the area of Human Sciences. Valéria lectures mainly for the undergraduate courses in Psychology, Pedagogy, and Administration. She is an educator, lecturer, and facilitator in the field of human rights. Valéria’s researches and publications focus on the areas of human rights, differences, social markers, sexual rights, sexuality and gender, gender violence, and inclusive education.

Member | Jane F. Mufua


Jane Frances Mufua is the Executive Director of the Centre for Gender Justice and Women Empowerment in Cameroon. She holds a B.Sc. in Journalism and Mass Communication and an M.Sc. in Women and Gender Studies. With over fourteen years of experience working in the development world, closing the gender gap by creating opportunities for women in her community through diverse interventions. Jane is a Facilitator for programs on GBV, counseling, and rehabilitation, and a Human Rights Activist. She is a member of the African Network of Women Shelters, the Association of English Speaking Journalists, and the Gender and Disability Network in Cameroon.

Member | Marie Christian


Marie Christian is the Programme Director at Manitoba’s Youth in Care Network. She is also attached to the ‘Boys and Girls Clubs’ of Winnipeg. Marie has served as the local coordinator for the ‘Speaking Rights’ a program of Equitas – International Centre for Human Rights Education, Canada; and is a child rights activist, human rights educator, trainer, and facilitator. Marie had been the Vice-President of the Board of Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts for two years. In 2016 she received the community champion award from YMCA-YWCA. Marie holds a BA from the University of Winnipeg, and a Bachelor in Social Work from the University of Manitoba.

Member | Dr. D.M. Bandara

Sri Lanka

Dr. D. M. Bandara is a University Lecturer. He holds more than 20 years of experience in the public sector.

Member | Juliana Yousif


Juliana Yousif is a retired lecturer from the University of Basra, Iraq. She holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics. She was the former Editor of the Al Akhbar Newspaper and is the current Editor in Chief of the Al Jenubyia Newspaper (The Southern Woman). Juliana is also the Director of Basra Society for Research and Media on Women where her primary areas are literature, semiotics, cinema, and civil society. She is a teacher for the English Access Micro-Scholarship Programme funded by the US Government and is also a human rights activist. Juliana is an alumna of the International Visitors Leadership Programme since 2010.

Member | Zeena Kader


Zeena Kader is a Research Consultant in Malé, Maldives with a background in institutional management and development. Her researches mainly focus on Women. Zeena holds a Master in Development Studies and has more than fifteen years of experience in developing and implementing programs in the field of gender and development.

Member | Nguyen Linh Giang


Nguyen Linh Giang is a Researcher and the Head of the Human Rights Department of the Institute of State and Law, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. She is also a member of the Human Rights Space of Vietnam. Linh Giang holds LLM in Public Law, LLM in International Commercial Law, and a Ph.D. in Public Law, from the Toulouse 1 Capitole University in France. Her expertise is in the areas of human rights law and public law which cover human rights protection mechanisms, political rights, environmental rights, constitutional law, political sciences, and democracy. She also holds experience in practicing law in the Bar Association and the Legal Department in France.

Member | Dinesh KC


Dinesh KC is a Social Researcher, and a Human Rights Trainer, and an Activist, who works in the areas of human rights, peacebuilding, migration, and community development. He holds almost 15 years of experience, with his work predominantly focusing on the rights of minorities, rights of women and girls, rights of migrants, and peace education.

Chairperson | Evelyn Ariyaratnam