API Vision & Mission

API Vision & Mission

Vision of the API is to have a “dignified life in a safer a globe for all – men and women” and the Mission of the API is “Awaking people to Awake the Globe for  Social Change”.

Strategies of the API are Facilitate women to voice the voices of women, and Share voices of women around the globe and Influence for a social change.

The API Principles

φ  Provide a platform for women, young girls and girl children, to voice out  the unheard voices without discrimination.

φ  Create an avenue to voice out the unheard voices of diverse issues, with respect to ‘Do No Harm’ policy.

φ  Value Fact – based and Objective – oriented writings.

φ  Respect the dignity and security of the person or persons interviewed, person or persons who provided information, as well as those who are subjected by the writings.

φ  Protect the confidentiality, if required, of the writers, person or persons interviewed and person or persons who provided information.

and API Values,

φ  All efforts of all strived, to make our globe better, in every way, at every place, in every possible occasion,

φ  Willingness and encouragement of men and women that makes the globe a better place to live, for men and women, equally and peacefully,

φ  Aspiration of women, young girls and girl children to have a safer globe without all kinds of discrimination, negligence, and violence.