Why women

Roles and responsibilities of women, their needs and concern, their contributions and constraints have been invisible for many decades. Women who contribute to humanity and who is half of the world population go unnoticed and disrespected many a time. In this political globe, where even fresh air and rain water is priced and politicized, there is a high need for both masculine and feminine genders to be equal in order to have harmony. Everything in the world today has taken a different shape. The changes are swift. Social sciences, human relations, medical sciences, management, technologies and environmental effects are transforming so rapidly. But has the situation changed for women? The answer to this lies in the hands of each one of us; in the hands of each and every woman.

A woman becomes vulnerable due to the social, political, economical environment. The woman should be transformed from being a suppressed, marginalized, avoided, despaired and agonized entity, towards an ambitious, powerful, influential, willing, inspiring, responsible and energetic person in sustainable and equitable development.

How could we women do this? Yes! We could do this using our own resources – our thoughts, our voices, our actions, and unity via journalism and writing.

Today with the rapid changes happening around the globe, it has become essential for women to change themselves. Women journalists and writers could bring change to their own lives as well as to the lives of those who are voiceless through writing. Writing is the most effective tool which could pierce through hearts and minds and break boundaries to reach those responsible.

Hence the Asian Press Institute chose women to be the voices of the voiceless women.