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Women Brand for Change

I have a brand name now”, Sivajini said proudly.

We, the society, whether it is men or women, are very clever in branding people. Branding is defined as the process involved in ‘creating a unique name and an image for a product in the consumers’ mind’. Even if the people are ‘products’, society creates products among people based on their sex category, economic status, ethnicity and religion, etc. Gender is the best example for it. The society, based on their social values and politics, define men and women differently, placing them at different layers of status, and giving them different level of power and roles. Branding is not only worth for the product, more on it, the iconic ‘self branding’ is worth for the people; especially for women, as it holds their goal and promise, express their identity, and show their journey towards success.

Gender in Business

They say nothing succeeds like success. It is somewhat true for those in countries where poor communities still exist and employment opportunities are a question. Struggling to find new sources of income creates encouragement in both men and women to step into new initiatives to overcome low income difficulties and succeeded in life. This is same, also in my country Vietnam.