Why don’t the waters of Unichai wet the grounds of Nediyamadhu?

Then, Lord Shiva easily held Ganga in his locks. Today the people of Nediyamadhu still search for the keys to unlock the Ganga”

Sagar the powerful king of India made a horse sacrifice named ‘AshwamedhaYagya’ to declare his supremacy to the gods. King of heaven Indra who became jealous of this kidnapped the horse, tying it in an ashram of a Sage named Kapil who was meditating. When Sagar went looking for his and found it in the ashram, he assaulted the sage assuming him to be the thief. When the Sage woke up from his trance, his anger arose and he started destroying the sons of Sagar. Sagar’s grandson Anshuman pleaded for forgiveness, and the Sage ordered him to bring down the sacred river Ganga from heaven to purify the souls of the Sage and his ancestors so they could attain enlightenment.

New Electoral law boosts Women participation: An Indigenous woman sets a milestone

‘Women in Sri Lanka endeavour towards playing a significant role in political decision-making; the local government elections in February opened a road of opportunity’

‘The year 2018 is witnessing the resignation of State leaders; starting from Jacob Zuma of South Africa, to Pedro Pablo Kuczynski of Peru, five presidents and prime ministers have been forced to resign from their positions due to different reasons. And this did not leave out the pearl of the Indian Ocean – Sri Lanka’

The political parties which earned immense gains during the recent Local Government Election which was a significant one due to many reasons, together with the President and his party, called for the resignation of the Prime Minster, falsely claiming that he has lost its mandate to govern.

But it is under this Prime Minister’s governance that a new Act was legislated by the Parliament of Sri Lanka that allowed a mandatory 25% quota for women to represent the local government.

Menses and Fempads: Women Break the Taboo in the DR Congo

For ages, sexual issues have been a big challenge to women and girls. The traditions in this country, mostly in the villages, are highly discriminatory toward women and girls. In this part of the world, women and girls totally depend on men for every single need of theirs. This is because the Congo society is highly paternalistic. Men make the laws and they do everything possible to protect the laws; men get the lion’s share from those traditions that allow them almost everything. Women and girls are passive regarding those traditions. They are not able to change or oppose the men; and if they do, they will be taxed to have committed taboos. Once a woman or a girl is labeled this way, serious punishment follows her. Women and girls then become scared and intimidated by such sanctions; and this fear has caused the women and girls to abide to these traditions even though they are discriminated through them at a large scale.

The fast growing Lucrative Criminal Enterprise

I was harassed and tortured by many;they, who wanted to sleep with me, did not agree to be the father of my child

Sudan has seen enough conflict to lose millions of innocent lives. During every disaster, while one suffers another gains; and so is it with the people of Sudan. Adding to the effects of conflict, displacement, poverty, etc., slavery has become a trade that is practiced in the country. Slavery was there in Sudan from the ancient days. But the gradual decrease again changed with the second civil war from 1983 to 2005. Men, women, and children are sold under this trade to countries outside Sudan. And Libya is one African country which sells high number of migrants as slaves who seek refuge there.