Words that will Never be Forgotten

The tropics are the region on Earth which is situated closer to the equator. It is approximately the region between the latitude by the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern hemisphere and the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern hemisphere. In this region, it is a fact that the climate throughout the year has mean temperature more than 32 degrees of Celsius. If this temperature was achieved in a seasonal country, they will have called it the “spring” where they consider it as the season which is mixed with coldness and warmth, leading to the hottest climate, the “summer”.

Working Together is Success: Men and Women for Socioeconomic Development

No one can do everything at the same time in a successful way. We all know that communities are made of men and women, and children too. So if all of us can aim development, this can be a huge success because each of us will contribute depending on their capacity. If only one side is involved, the other that has been excluded will not be happy. We need all of us to be happy through supporting one another. So, being against abuse toward women makes sense since they are our mothers, our wives, our sisters, our daughters and our friends and neighbors; one village should be one people united. One head is like a torn pocket, but two heads are better than one.”

Pad Man: Why still unseen in the ‘Eyes’ of Women?

Talking about ‘Gender Equality’ is one of the profitable ‘businesses’ in the contemporary development industry around the world. Even though the civilized society disagrees and discourages trading of human, in this modern development industry, the business communities, sometimes named as civil societies, buy and sell the problems of people: poverty, discrimination, violence, etc., and also adding to it they sell people if and when possible.

Women and children specially are sold and bought, as evidence of human’s sufferings, or icons of success, or items to generate funds, and to maintain the expansion of the industry. In every business, whether production or services, there are market and value chains, where there are producers, intermediate actors, sellers and buyers. The raw materials, after going through many changes, reach the buyer with a high price, which ultimately has to be paid by the buyer for the knowledge, strategies and competencies of the intermediate persons, while the producer at the end receives nothing.

Lessons Learnt when Kneeling Down

‘I promise you Sir, I will commit suicide!’, finally the strained silence on the eternal suffering was broken. Ms. Bavani, the female Principal of the Tamil Girl’s School in Badulla district stated to the member of the Parliament Mr. Vadivel Suresh in front of the media.

Tamil Girl’s School in Badulla which is over hundred years old is a School which accommodates over 1300 students and 60 teachers, striving to maintain high standards in the Uva Province. One of the leading Tamil medium schools in Badulla district, the school was taken under the government administration in 1963. Though it offers education to both boys and girls from all three ethnicity – Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala, later the school was renamed as Tamil Girls’ School as there were no other Tamil medium schools in the area. Today this school has been put to shame by the unethical behaviour of a politician.