Be a Partner

Asian Press Institute (API) is an independent, voluntary, internationally operated, web based organization, established with the primary objective of voicing out the voices of the poor, vulnerable, discriminated women, young girls and girl children, and social discourses relating to them, through writing to bring social change.

No organization could meet its objectives alone, without the collaboration, coordination and contribution of the kind – hearted. API too needs the support from different individuals and organizations, to meet its vision, mission and objectives.

API is pleased to invite Partners, both financial and non-financial who would be interested to contribute towards API’s growth and function. API would like to have Partners who could support in finding voices and stories from affected Communities from Abkhazia to Zimbabwe, and assist in transforming women as Writers of Change.

API draws the attention of individuals and organizations who could be API’s ‘partners in progress’ as:

@     Partner in Funding
@     Partner in Development
@     Partner in Training
@     Partner in Communication and Technology
@     Partner in Programme
@     Partner in Media

Individuals and Organizations, who are interested to join hands with API to awake our globe, in order to bring social change to the lives of women, young girls and girl children, and to the globe itself, please email your interests to the Founder / President at

Awake up; Awake the Globe; for a Social Change.

Thank you!

Asian Press Institute