API Writers


Tripti Gosh

Tripti Gosh, a freelance journalist from Rangpur, Bangladesh is an active young woman who has the passion for writing. Her main interests are of the unreported issues in South Asia. Being a woman surrounded by strong cultures, she strongly believes that the South Asian cultures impacts on women more than men. Thus, this culture itself has inspired her to start writing which she thought would contribute to a positive change.



DR Congo

Jane Frances Mufua

Cameroon born Jane Frances Mufua is from Bamenda, Cameroon.She is the Executive Director of the organization, Centre for Gender Justice and Women Empowerment Cameroon. She has over 10 years of experience in intervening to promote and protect women’s rights.Jane is a also a Facilitator for programmes on GBV, counseling and rehabilitation.Her main interest is research – where she involves particularly in the areas of gender and development, sexuality diversity, reproductive health and women in governance.Jane likes to move amidst the local communities and write what she sees amongst them, in order to make others know what her people are facing. 


Linda Kisonto, born and bred in Lubumbashi, Congo and now residing in Cameroon is the eldest among four girls, and one who grew up amidst severe difficulties faced by women and girls in her country. While holding a basic degree in Journalism, she is now pursuing her higher studies in Women and Gender. Linda finds it a big challenge to learn English, but her willingness and determination encourages her towards succeeding. Linda has a passion for reading and she now wishes to use her skills and knowledge, to tell out the stories of women through writing. She feels happy to be a writer at API.





Shewli Hira

Kaurwaki from Mumbai, Northern India is a researcher whose main focus is on gender and communication. Her passion is to use technology in democratic participation, economic empowerment, community organizing, and government accountability. She believes in the importance of community, the power of networks, the good will of people and the power of people using technology to better this world.With a background in IT, she uses her knowledge as a tool for women in the society, to bring social change. 

A content writer by profession Shewli Hira [Shell] from West Bengal, India, writes contents for user manuals for products and across various genres – travel, films, business, technology and health. To her, life is a journey where one needs to keep travelling. Shewli strongly feels that she got inspired by her parents, who have a progressive approach towards life.





Tri Mulyasari

Juliana Dawood Yusif

Indonesian Tri Mulyasari was born in Banyuwangi and at present lives in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Two of her passions are traveling and learning languages, which have brought her an idea to run her upcoming project called “Charity from Traveling”. Tri has the experience in writing what she hears, what she feels, and what she sees in her own blog. She believes she could contribute to make a change for her society. Tri chose to join API as a second activity which she thinks she could do, to change at least someone’s world, as a writer. 


University teacher and woman activist,Juliana Yusif is an Assyrian born Iraqi national. Yusif who was formerly the editor to the AlAkhbaar Newspaper, is currently the editor in chief of AlJenubyia Newspaper (The Southern Woman), a women print newspaper that looks into the issues of women. Being the Director of Basra Society for Research and Media on Women, she translates articles on literature, semiotics, cinema, civil society and related topics. Juliana is also a Human Rights educator.





Luxmi Bakhadyo

Celine Ebere Osukwu

From Bhaktapur, Nepal, Luxmi Bakhadyo, after completing her studies at the Katmandu School of Law, is now attached to an International Organization. She writes to local journals and newspapers, with special concern to ‘Right to Food’ and ‘Human Trafficking’. Luxmi believes that her writings will trace the actual situations of women in Nepal and generate awareness to women, girls, other communities around them, authorities and international actors. She encourages women to think positively, and hope for positive change, which would be better the vulnerable women, and girls of her country. She writes so that to initiate transformation in the lives of people.


Born in a suburb of Nigeria during a civil war, and brought up under very hard and poor background, Celine has faced multiple marginalization and discrimination at various levels of life due to disability developed during her childhood. Celine battled these challenges and excelled in accomplishing some of her ambitions. She is a development cum human rights activist with special interest in women and disability issues. She creates empowerment and public sensitization programmes focused on equality, dignity, and respect for women and men with disabilities. Celine is also a trained Citizen journalist.






Olutosin O. Adebowale

Olutosin who began as a child advocate in Lagos is from Owo Town, in the Ondo State of Nigeria. As a child Olutosin used the internet to launch her hobby – writing, through her Poems and short plays. She recited poems on Child sexual abuse for different programmes. She pursued her studies in Gender and Transformation and began to apply her knowledge and experiences in transforming the lives of women and she – children. Olutosin is a trained citizen journalist and believes that transformation is getting to the root causes of problems and coming up with achievable action plans. 


Communication and media professional Sadaf Sadi hails from Lahore, Pakistan. She is a reporter on human rights issues – especially concerning to children, minorities and education industries. Sadi besides her professional work, is also engaged in activities – monitoring and writing on issues concerned with minority communities in her society – especially those of the religious minorities. Sadi uses her skill of writing to bring out the issues faced by her society and she strongly trusts and hopes that she can bring change through her writings. Sadi also believes in the power of pen and that the power of writing can bring revolution in the society. Sadi wishes to use her pen through API in order to bring change in the lives of women, girls and children not only in her society, but also around the globe.



Luminitsa Truscan

Luminitsa Truscan, is from Bucharest, Romania. She is a social worker, women rights activist and a writer who is involved in grassroots work with different indigenous communities. Being of Roma ethnicity, Truscan writes on the issues of discrimination and rights of Romani women, child protection system of the Romani children and trafficking of humans. She believes that her writing would create a difference to her own community.







Coming from Northern Uganda, Harriet Adong, who is passionate about bringing about change in her community, chose to write, believing that her writing would bring out the issues communities in her country are facing. She feels that, writing is one strong tool of creating change, and a way to spread afar the truth throughout the world. She plans to use writing to make the unheard voices of vulnerable women of Uganda be heard and to promote human rights and development in her country. Harriet works towards helping women and girls displaced by the war and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence to overcome poverty and develop sustainable livelihoods and economic empowerment. 

Natasha, who is an activist and community worker is from West Uganda. She participates in activities related to girls’ and women’s rights and dignity and for their social empowerment.She also is a writer and involves in research and publications for different community based organizations.

United Kingdom


Sedi is a Sri Lankan writer, who migrated many years ago, and is presently living in London. She applies her human rights learning through her writings and argues how women could contribute for the betterment of women. Sedi is an optimist and a believer of Art in social change.

Daniela Gamboa Vielma


Venezuelan Daniella Gamboa is from Caracas, Venezuela.She works for The Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation and is engaged.Daniella is researcher as well as a human rights activist who works to for the benefit of vulnerable societies.Daniella has a passion towards writing and she uses writing as a tool to advocate different communities in her country.

Kim Thi Nguyen

Kim Thi is an independent small – businesswoman from the Ha Nam Province of Vietnam. Starting at a very young age, she became the first young woman in her town to assemble and repair mobile phones.Kim who has a basic degree in science, is also a social worker and engages in advocacy campaigns to fight for the equal rights of women and girls in her town.She also writes to local magazines about the issues that Vietnamese women face, in their jobs, and especially in their own businesses.She believes that women are capable to engage in small – businesses like her, and she encourages others towards it. 

Mutinta P. Matambo

Mutinta Matambo from Ndola, Zambia, is a Natural Sciences Undergraduate at the University of Zambia. She is also a writer and writes mainly on development issues.

Linda Mupemo

Linda Mupemo is a second year Mass Communication Student at the University of Zambia. Writing is one of her main interest.