Earned to Spend: Alcohol

The consumption of alcohol is a common practice for centuries around the world irrespectively of the socio-cultural, political, and economical and environment conditions. Alcohol creates social and economic problems at all levels; individual, family, society and at nations, and cause for health issues.

Alcohol-related harm is determined by the volume of alcohol consumed, the pattern of drinking, and on rare occasions, the quality of alcohol consumed. The harmful use of alcohol is a component cause of more than 200 disease and injury conditions in individuals, most notably alcohol dependence, liver cirrhosis, cancers and injuries. The latest causal relationships established are those between alcohol consumption and incidence of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS (WHO).

A Woman’s Role In The Corporate World

Sounds familliar? Yes, I am sure it is. This is so because of the increasing number of women getting into the corporate world and all we hear are the conflicts faced by them.

However, what most may have overlooked is the positive side of the issue. And there are many positives.

A woman is generally more patient than a man, more compassionate, has an acute sense of intuition, has a better understanding of handling difficult situations and is a team player among many other pluses, and this is not attributed being superior in anyway, rather, the way nature made her to be. Being a daughter, a wife, a mother and later in life perhaps a grandmother, requires many of these qualities in a woman. It could therefore, be an advantage in the corporate world.

Women are the Mothers of the World

It is with great enthusiasm that I share my views at the commencement of the Asian Press Institute; the web wire that has taken shape, to voice out the voices of the poor, vulnerable, discriminated children, young girls and women in the world, especially on the International Human Rights Day. When I came to know about the API and the foundation theme of the API – role of women for social change, it inspired me to share my thoughts as to what the “role of women” should be.

I, today, enjoy my aged life, but with the same energy that I had always, to see a better future for all men and women. With my experience as a mother, I believe that mothers could pass the message of “what is right” and “what is wrong” to the next human generation and give a birth to social change as the way, only a woman could give birth to a child.  Children in our cultures, whether they are small or big, are always attached to their mothers and seek for care, safety and love from them. As much as to the extent we mothers love our children, and are close to them, we also are able to build their lives with human qualities. Everything that a mother would do for her child is based on her true love; but it is also time for us to think as to how the children would take these every single acts of mothers into their little minds.