Challenging the Age Barriers

Humans are born with different talents, and these inborn talents are within us forever, no matter where we go, what we do, and how old we become. There are people who do not get the opportunities to express their talents; and there are also people who do not find or grab the opportunities they get in life to use the talents. Talents do not select wherein the person is born: whether it be in a rich mansion, or an apartment; whether it be in the palace or a roadside shanty dwelling, each and every person is born with a talent.

Labor Law in Venezuela; Benefits for Women?

On April 30th of 2012, the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chávez Frías, signed the last modification to the Venezuelan labor law. This law came into effect on May 7th of the same year. In this new Organic Law of Work and Workers  (LOTTT for its acronym in Spanish, Decree Nº 8.938,, there are a lot of benefits for women, especially for pregnant ones and for those who have less than 3 years after having given birth.