Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Wed; Will it give a birth to a new era?

All know of the young Royal Prince’s wedding with the Afro-American movie star, Meghan Markle. This big day of tying the knots dawned on 19 May 2018, with the bells chiming at the Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom. The New York Times noted this as ‘nudging the British royal family into a new era’. Continuing, the NYT highlighted the beginning of an era by reporting ‘that Ms. Markle, who has long identified herself as a feminist, entered St. George’s Chapel alone rather than being given away by her father or any other man, a departure from tradition that in itself sent a message to the world’.  Prior to and during the wedding most of the discussions were either on the skin colour of Meghan and her family history, her divorce from the previous marriage, her acting career, or the expenses of the wedding.  Some news talked about the skin colour of guests who would be attending the wedding ceremony – friends and family of Markle.

From Labour Pains to Pains of Unfairness; a Mother’s Cry for Justice

On Tuesday 23 January 2018, Ben Cusack from The Independent reported a shocking news about a 31 year old pregnant mother, Saralee Jack, who was made to sit on a chair 96 hours without sleep after having given birth to her son at the Wexham Park Hospital in Berkshire.

51 years old mother of Saralee has told The Independent that,

If doctors had treated an animal this way, they would have been punished done for cruelty; dogs and cats taken to the vets get treated better, it is the worst hospital ever, and I cannot believe how bad they have treated my daughter. Even the bed was unclean”.

Earned to Spend: Alcohol

The consumption of alcohol is a common practice for centuries around the world irrespectively of the socio-cultural, political, and economical and environment conditions. Alcohol creates social and economic problems at all levels; individual, family, society and at nations, and cause for health issues.

Alcohol-related harm is determined by the volume of alcohol consumed, the pattern of drinking, and on rare occasions, the quality of alcohol consumed. The harmful use of alcohol is a component cause of more than 200 disease and injury conditions in individuals, most notably alcohol dependence, liver cirrhosis, cancers and injuries. The latest causal relationships established are those between alcohol consumption and incidence of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS (WHO).

Who Are We…?

I always ask myself why I was born a woman. Was this the best of God? Why did God create a woman after man? Why not the other way around? The journey of a child from girl to granny is not easy and is not a story of a joy.