Haiti’s Disasters: The Laments of Girl Survivors

“Seven years gone by, but I still feel the earth shaking beneath me; but more do I feel the pain of exploitation”.

This is not my story alone, but of many more young and old from my country Haiti, an Island where Christopher Columbus arrived at the time he discovered the New World, and later mentioned “They are the best people in the world and above all the gentlest. All the people show the most singular loving behaviour and they speak pleasantly. They love their neighbours as themselves, and they have the sweetest talk in the world, and are gentle and always laughing.” [Quoted from: The Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Legacy, 1992]

Words that will Never be Forgotten

The tropics are the region on Earth which is situated closer to the equator. It is approximately the region between the latitude by the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern hemisphere and the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern hemisphere. In this region, it is a fact that the climate throughout the year has mean temperature more than 32 degrees of Celsius. If this temperature was achieved in a seasonal country, they will have called it the “spring” where they consider it as the season which is mixed with coldness and warmth, leading to the hottest climate, the “summer”.

Lessons Learnt when Kneeling Down

‘I promise you Sir, I will commit suicide!’, finally the strained silence on the eternal suffering was broken. Ms. Bavani, the female Principal of the Tamil Girl’s School in Badulla district stated to the member of the Parliament Mr. Vadivel Suresh in front of the media.

Tamil Girl’s School in Badulla which is over hundred years old is a School which accommodates over 1300 students and 60 teachers, striving to maintain high standards in the Uva Province. One of the leading Tamil medium schools in Badulla district, the school was taken under the government administration in 1963. Though it offers education to both boys and girls from all three ethnicity – Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala, later the school was renamed as Tamil Girls’ School as there were no other Tamil medium schools in the area. Today this school has been put to shame by the unethical behaviour of a politician.

Domestic Violence Soar High in Tamil Nadu: Women blame Alcohol

I was a captive in my own home; my husband beat me up after liquor, but other times he would ignore me completely and will not speak to me; I was only a machine that worked without stopping; when I refused to sleep with him, he tried to suffocate me, and force himself on me”, laments Saranya a mother of three. Saranya has been married for seventeen years, and her troubles began after her husband became addicted to alcohol. Her children are silent on the issue, as their father provides all the financial needs to the family. Saranya believes all women suffer in their homes after marriage.