Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Wed; Will it give a birth to a new era?

All know of the young Royal Prince’s wedding with the Afro-American movie star, Meghan Markle. This big day of tying the knots dawned on 19 May 2018, with the bells chiming at the Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom. The New York Times noted this as ‘nudging the British royal family into a new era’. Continuing, the NYT highlighted the beginning of an era by reporting ‘that Ms. Markle, who has long identified herself as a feminist, entered St. George’s Chapel alone rather than being given away by her father or any other man, a departure from tradition that in itself sent a message to the world’.  Prior to and during the wedding most of the discussions were either on the skin colour of Meghan and her family history, her divorce from the previous marriage, her acting career, or the expenses of the wedding.  Some news talked about the skin colour of guests who would be attending the wedding ceremony – friends and family of Markle.

Girls not brides; yet Yes, they are

“I am 20 years old and this is my second baby, my prince.”

Jhumki, was returning to her home carrying her new born son from her maternal house. She smiled with desperation while continuing her story. “I got married when I was 16; I had wanted to study, but my grandmother was old and wanted to see me married soon; it was her last wish she said to me. So I agreed. I married to fulfill my grandmother’s wish before her death. But then I had to kill my wish.”

Jhumki’s innocent eyes stayed on my face with a question. “What about you?” She was surprised to learn that I was nearing my thirties and still had not married. “You are so much elder than me, and still unmarried; didn’t anyone you into marriage? I can’t imagine that you are still allowed to study and work too.” Jhumki’s words were strong, and yet it was filled with remorse and grief.

“I had wanted to become a teacher, but all my dreams were in vain. My parents stopped me from school when I was in grade 6; and see me now; I am mothering two children.”

The fast growing Lucrative Criminal Enterprise

I was harassed and tortured by many;they, who wanted to sleep with me, did not agree to be the father of my child

Sudan has seen enough conflict to lose millions of innocent lives. During every disaster, while one suffers another gains; and so is it with the people of Sudan. Adding to the effects of conflict, displacement, poverty, etc., slavery has become a trade that is practiced in the country. Slavery was there in Sudan from the ancient days. But the gradual decrease again changed with the second civil war from 1983 to 2005. Men, women, and children are sold under this trade to countries outside Sudan. And Libya is one African country which sells high number of migrants as slaves who seek refuge there.

Haiti’s Disasters: The Laments of Girl Survivors

“Seven years gone by, but I still feel the earth shaking beneath me; but more do I feel the pain of exploitation”.

This is not my story alone, but of many more young and old from my country Haiti, an Island where Christopher Columbus arrived at the time he discovered the New World, and later mentioned “They are the best people in the world and above all the gentlest. All the people show the most singular loving behaviour and they speak pleasantly. They love their neighbours as themselves, and they have the sweetest talk in the world, and are gentle and always laughing.” [Quoted from: The Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Legacy, 1992]