Lack of Water leads to Infant and Child Mortality in sub-Saharan Africa

Infant mortality! Child mortality! Two expressions interchangeably used to talk about the death of children. But are they the same? Yes they are the same as they both describe mortality of little children. And no, they are not the same, as ‘infant mortality refers to the death of children younger than one year; and child mortality, is the death of children younger than five.

Women as Ambassadors for Mangrove Conservation

When women comprise half of the world’s population, it is very likely that women will be part of every aspect of the systems on this earth, also contributing to its collapses, and confronting the consequences that come along with it. Therefore it is important to understand that, women as part of this earth have their portion of contribution towards the environment and its conservation. But as it is in many other areas, the traditional gender roles of the society leave out of women from this area. Women on the other do not seem to mind it, as they are mostly unaware or ignorant of their role in protecting the environment.

Girl Child Marriages that lead to Obstetric Fistula in Ethiopia

It was a year ago, when I used to tutor a little boy in my city. The little tiny boy had a sister who is tinier than him. And what registered in my mind was the doll which the little girl dragged around her always; not able to carry the doll that was bigger than her tiny structure, the girl was yet determined to keep the toy close enough to her, preventing anybody nearing it. I realized that this toy was precious to this girl; I also realized how much more precious the girl herself was.

Education for Girls; a tool for Empowerment

When I was thirteen I had to leave my school after being abused by my teacher; so I decided never to go back to a school. Yet I knew how important education was for a girl, and so was it for me. I felt the urge to be educated, but not in a traditional school. So I began self-educating myself. I was ready to break the traditional barriers set to girls in a society that still believes that girls need not to be educated. I wanted to be that girl who one day be transformed into an educated woman. I wanted to be that girl who wanted to educate other girls who were not privileged as me to be educated. Hence I began dreaming of starting my own school one day, and that is what I did eventually after some year.